As part of efforts to restore hope and the spirit of Christmas to Nigerians, over 6000 underprivileged families in the Eti-Osa Local government area of Lagos State have benefited from the third edition of the Trinitas Foundation Christmas Cheer “Share the love, spread the love”.

The Christmas Cheer is an annual trade fair/bazaar modeled program that provides food items, nutritional aid, educational materials, monetary aid, and economic support to underprivileged families and individuals in Lagos environs, during the Christmas season.

Trinitas Foundation Christmas Cheer 2021

Trinitas Foundation Christmas Cheer 2021

As early as 5am on 18th of December 2021, beneficiaries stormed the Pistis Foundation, the Elevation Church car park, Lekki, ready for the distribution of food items such live chicken, yam, noodles, oat, rice, vegetable oil, bread, cake etc. Other items distributed include children puzzles, educational materials, clothes, shoes and bags for children and adults. The beneficiaries consisted of older mothers, widows, young children, people living with extreme levels of physical disabilities, skilled men and women. Also, hundreds of beneficiaries and volunteers benefited from the free COVID-19 vaccination provided by the Foundation in partnership with Eti-Osa Local government. Face masks, sanitizers and other safety materials were provided and utilized, thereby reducing the spread of the virus.

Speaking at the event, Mr Ade George, Chief Executive Officer, Trinitas Foundation stated that there is poverty and hunger in the land, and the support for the homeless and people living in extreme poverty is almost nonexistent. He mentioned that the change we want comes from within and we have to be that change by taking action. He urged other organisations and individuals to remember to show kindness, share love and material things with the needy, especially during this season.

Mr George further stated that “the level of poverty in this country is scary right now and  as much as we try to blame the government, that narrative has become a bit tiresome. It is important for us as a people/nation to recognise the power of positive thinking and act accordingly”.

He called on the government to give the people better governance, and support organisations that provide for the needy, so they can do more. “We are the government. Every official is a reflection of our society. There is a lot to be done. People are hungry, families are famished and in need. We can’t do it alone. We are calling the government to reach out to organisations who are doing this and support them to achieve more.” he said.

On how the foundation sources funds to embark on its numerous projects, Mr George revealed that donations come from different people, families, friends, organisations and corporate sponsors.

The organisation believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts to bring about change for children. To make this year’s event a success, the organisation got support from Buhler Group, Binance Charity Foundation, Altecho Farms, Corporate Luxury, Zircon rentals, The Ornate Stop, Pistis Foundation amongst others.

The Christmas Cheer 2020 reached 4570 underprivileged families, 2021; 6240 families and the Foundation aims to reach 10,000 families in 2022.

Trinitas Foundation Christmas Cheer 2021

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