Trinitas Foundation and RiteFoods Limited Celebrate Successful Trinitas Christmas Cheer 2023
Trinitas Foundation and RiteFoods Limited Celebrate Successful Trinitas Christmas Cheer 2023

In a profound display of corporate responsibility, RiteFoods Limited, the foremost food and beverages company in Nigeria, and creator of the renowned Bigi drinks, joined hands with the Trinitas Foundation to extend a lifeline to 4,557 families in Lagos, Nigeria.

The initiative, designed to bring joy to underprivileged families, surpassed expectations with meticulous planning and unwavering commitment from Trinitas Foundation and RiteFoods Limited. This year’s event, building on the success of 2022, was a heartwarming celebration, touching the lives of many.

Trinitas Christmas Cheer 2023.

RiteFoods Limited, synonymous with refreshment and quality, wholeheartedly supported the Trinitas Christmas Cheer initiative. The company contributed an array of their refreshingly delightful Bigi drinks, energy beverages, premium water, and sausage rolls aiming to rejuvenate children and the beneficiaries. This collaboration, driven by the shared vision of alleviating hunger in society, underscored RiteFoods Limited’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of Nigerians.

The global food crisis remains a pressing issue, with hunger posing a greater health risk than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. The distribution of essentials through Christmas Cheer 2023 comes at a critical juncture, providing essential sustenance to those in need.

The beneficiaries of the Christmas Cheer 2023 distribution were diverse, including older mothers, children, individuals with severe physical disabilities, and skilled professionals who recently faced job losses or had limited incomes. Recognizing the challenges faced by these groups, RiteFoods Limited aimed to give them a voice and a moment of acknowledgment.

A spokesperson from RiteFoods Limited expressed the significance of standing by these groups during the festive season, where financial struggles are exacerbated. The commitment extends to supporting families in providing for their children amidst soaring food prices and fostering hope for a brighter future where access to healthy food is a reality.

Trinitas Foundation expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive response to the Christmas Cheer 2023 program. The Foundation continues to be inspired by the gratitude and determination exhibited by the families they serve, thanking everyone for their unwavering support, prayers, and contributions that facilitated the delivery of a memorable Christmas for these families.

As RiteFoods Limited and Trinitas Foundation reflect on the success of Christmas Cheer 2023, they carry this inspiration forward, committed to furthering their impact and uplifting more lives in 2024 and beyond.

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