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One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria – UNICEF

All children should be provided with learning opportunities to help them reach their full potential. No matter where they live or what their circumstances are. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping more and more young Nigerians receive the education they deserve – one equipped with the information, skills, and tools they need to be successful in their future careers.

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Our Educational programs at Trinitas Foundation are KIDDITECH and the Trinitas Education Project (TEP).

Thousands of children have gained access to study in various schools with Trinitas Foundation’s education program and the program can sponsor children until the tertiary level.

The KIDDITECH Project is a technology-based program designed to address the technology gap between Nigerian underprivileged children and their counterparts around the world.

The mission is to train 10,000 under-privileged Nigerian children over the next 10 years across different public secondary schools in Advanced IT, blockchain technology, coding, and artificial intelligence, thereby bridging the digital gap between our future leaders and their counterparts in developed countries around the world.

Trinitas Foundation is helping change the future of Nigeria.

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We say NO to child labor; say YES to education.

We say NO to child labor; say YES to education.

As a child, I loved to write. I'd spend hours in my room writing. I was never quite sure what I was going to write about, but I knew it had to be good. I grew up in a community where many children were forced to work instead of going to school. Some of them worked on farms, while others worked as street vendors or domestic servants. Most of my friends had no choice but to work because their parents couldn't afford to send them to school. This made me sad because I couldn't discuss things I learnt in school…

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