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Trinitas Foundation Volunteer


Trinitas Foundation encourages volunteers who will contribute their knowledge, skills, talents, and time towards achieving success in programs and ultimately, the vision. New suggestions, ideas, and initiatives are welcome to improve the reach to our beneficiaries. We require expertise in, but not limited to, these areas:-

  • Events/Programs
  • Planning and Management
  • Training/Sensitization
  • Fundraising
  • Article writing for the blog


Although, the main purpose of being a volunteer is to enhance the vision and mission of the organization, however, devoting your time, energy, and possibly resources comes with its own benefits and can be as rewarding to you as the people you're helping. Volunteering with us will provide you an opportunity to:

  • make positive impact on important issues by fundraising for initiatives;
  • be a source of inspiration to people;
  • network with other volunteers and partner organizations;
  • attend programs for free or at highly subsidized costs;
  • access possible subsidization of goods and services that our partners provide;
  • access empowering opportunities and resources among other things.

Trinitas Foundation Volunteer