10 startups to win N2Million each as Trinitas Foundation holds pitch competition

Our goal is to make Trinitas Foundation’s investment program (TIP) seasonal – Founder, Ade George

With a calculated effort aimed at ameliorating the debilitating problems plaguing the Nigerian economic milieu, leading Nigerian charity foundation, Trinitas Foundation has launched a N20 million investment fund program to cater for 10 startup businesses.

The investment fund initiative is the Trinitas’ strategic scheme in highlighting one of the Foundation’s key missions in fostering opportunities and possibilities for emerging African ventures across targeted industries.

Trinitas Investment Program (TIP)

Trinitas Investment Program (TIP)

Speaking during an interview, on the inspiration behind the program and what it seeks to achieve, founder and CEO, Trinitas Foundation, Mr. Ade George said; It’s essentially the fact that we need more people to be involved in providing solutions to the problems that plague our society. I grew up in Ogun state and I’ve been in different states across Nigeria over the years. Our society is a multifaceted one but one thing we can’t deny that we have in uniformity is the level of poverty across the country. What inspired this program is our drive and passion to provide viable solution to the poverty in our communities. Our plan is to empower 10 entrepreneurs in our society with funding, training and the needed resources for their businesses to achieve great things. This will in turn have a significant multiplier effect on the communities these businesses are a part of.

On what Trinitas stands to gain from the initiative, he noted, “Trinitas Foundation has a passion for the children and women of Africa and this has formed the bedrock of our activities over the years. From donation of motorcycles, tricycles and welfare materials to school visitations, we’ve made continuous effort to invest in the future of Africa by investing in its children and women. This initiative is no different as it emphasizes our commitment to our goals and objectives which is to create a culture of hope and compassion for the needy in our communities. We’re doing this by helping these businesses grow which will in turn lead to more employment and better living for the communities these businesses will serve.”

He added that plans for the Trinitas Investment Programme, which is supported by Access Bank, Globatus, IBIC Holding, Corporate Luxury, Ava&George, House of Mullar and a number of well-meaning individuals is not a one-off thing but to make it a seasonal one.

The plan is to make the Trinitas Investment Programme a continuous seasonal program, even as we continue to raise and support more and more entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and build their businesses..

On this maiden program, we’ve partnered with Access Bank to provide the strategic support; mentorship and training the entrepreneurs require to be successful in expanding their businesses. Trinitas Foundation is calling for more support even as it continues to roll out initiatives that provide solutions to problems in our society.

Trinitas Foundation Investment Program (TIP)

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