One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria – UNICEF

No matter where they live or what their circumstances are, all children have the right to a quality education. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has said that 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria, which is the highest rate in the world.

Peter Hawkins the representative of UNICEF in Nigeria during the celebration of the International Day of Education noted that millions of Nigerian children have never set foot in a classroom as he lamented the crisis in the education sector.

Trinitas Education Program.

Trinitas Foundation

“The Nigerian Government has committed to increasing funding for education, which is a very important step – far too many Nigerian children today are not in the classroom – and for those who are, far too many are not getting a solid education that can translate into good prospects for their futures.”

According to UNICEF, while the education crisis in Nigeria is affecting children across the country, some children are more likely to be affected than others: girls, children with disabilities, children from the poorest households, in street situations, or affected by displacement or emergencies, and children in geographically distant areas are all disproportionately affected by the education crisis.

“It is estimated that 35 percent of Nigerian children who attend primary school do not go on to attend secondary school. Half of all Nigerian children did not attend secondary school in 2021.

“We need to look towards communities – leaders, parents, teachers, and caregivers – and together, find the best strategies to ensure that all children enroll in school, have access to continuous learning, and ensure they emerge with quality skills that equip them for a prosperous future.”

“These children have much to offer to find solutions to Nigeria’s challenges – and we have to nurture their creativity and innovation,”

At Trinitas Foundation, we believe education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty in our communities. When a child gets the required education they deserve, they become less of a target for gangs and crime in their various communities.

Our Educational programs at Trinitas Foundation are KIDDITECH and the Trinitas Education Project (TEP).

The Trinitas educational programs can sponsor children until the tertiary level.

Thousands of children have gained access to study in various schools with Trinitas Foundation’s education project.

The KIDDITECH Project is a technology-based program designed to address the technology gap between Nigerian underprivileged children and their counterparts around the world.

The mission is to train 10,000 under-privileged Nigerian children over the next 10 years across different public secondary schools in Advanced IT, blockchain technology, coding, and artificial intelligence, thereby bridging the digital gap between our future leaders and their counterparts in developed countries around the world.

All Nigerian children deserve a fighting chance – no matter who they are or where they are. And this must include education. It is not only their right – it is the smartest and best way to secure the future of Nigeria as a whole.

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