Trinitas Foundation to create I.T clubs (KiddiTech) in secondary schools across Nigeria
Trinitas Foundation

Trinitas Foundation has announced plans to establish I.T clubs in secondary schools around Nigeria as part of a continuous effort to combat digital poverty.

This announcement is in line with the charity organization’s ongoing education project for African youths.

This was announced by the Trinitas Foundation CEO Ade George at a recent outreach when the foundation visited two secondary schools in Lagos state.

Trinitas KiddiTech


Speaking at the outreach, Ade George said, “a report by the United Nations Educational, ranked Nigeria top of 12 countries where a large population of school children that are not in the classrooms. According to the UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EAGMR) report, two out of every five Nigerian children is out of school. In all, this means approximately 20 million young Nigerians have never seen a classroom.”

The foundation’s CEO expressed his dismay stating that, “the statistics get more frightening when you realize that young Nigerians are being deprived the opportunity to grow into leaders of the next generation in the not-so-distant future because of lack of access to basic computer knowledge.

“Digital poverty widens the gap of educational inequality which in-turn limits opportunities for the youths and creates problems for the future and by extension, the society. Most youths are missing out on important skills and learning needed to make the most of the opportunities in today’s digital world which would empower them against poverty.”

According to Ade George, Trinitas Africa will establish I.T clubs in 20 secondary schools in Nigeria by December 2021 with an aim to register up to 1000 children in the club. ”We believe every child should have access to a computer and every child at the Trinitas I.T club will be given a personal laptop/tablet to aid their learning and empowerment,” he pledged. Information on Trinitas Foundation projects are available on

Trinitas Foundation KiddiTech

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