Help for widows in Nigeria: Meet Gift Sunday
Help for widows in Nigeria

In Nigeria, it’s not uncommon to see older women struggling with unemployment, poverty, and other social disadvantages.

Meet Gift Sunday, a 40-year-old widow from Akwa-Ibom state.

Help For Widows In Nigeria
Trinitas Widows Empowerment Program

Gift Sunday lost her husband in 2014. He was the sole provider and his death meant she had to fend for herself and her 3 kids as other family members abandoned her.

She started selling drinks to fend for herself and her 3 kids. She lives in a rented house with no electricity or running water in the kitchen. There is no toilet facility inside the house, so she has to go down to the nearby stream every time she needs to use the restroom.

We would like to assist Gift by supporting her drinks business and providing some basic requirements for her kids.

This is sustainable and will enable her to improve the quality of life not only for herself but also for her children who are still studying at school.

Today, she shares her story as part of our widow’s empowerment campaign, which aims to help widows in Nigeria find financial support for their daily needs.

Help for widows in Nigeria
Trinitas Widows Empowerment Program

Gift Sunday’s social status makes it difficult to get loans from banks as she can’t afford to pay them back. In addition, her business has been affected by the worsening economic situation in the country and near-constant fuel shortages.

Gift Sunday needs our help more than ever, but it’s not enough just to send money. If we want to completely change her situation, we need to fix her business too.

When it comes to helping the less fortunate, we want to help as many as possible. We want to make an impact, even if it’s small.

There are many widows and orphans in Nigeria that need our help.

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Trinitas Widows Empowerment Program

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